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Here are some of the projects Nayab Interiors have undertaken in the last few years.

Developer Office

A developer office in Dubai Hills with a unqiue modern and futuristic design.

interior design dubai home office

Home Office

Functional and Beautiful Home Office

Feminine Bedroom

Feminine Bedroom with modern accents.-

Realtor Office

Revitalizing office spaces with a seamless fusion of functionality, style, and productivity to create a very professional result.

Fashion house office

A fashion house office transformed into a minimalistic modern space with soft hues and beige and the main scheme.

Minimalist Living

Minimalist and visually calming space.

Luxury Master bedroom

Luxury and modern ambiance with a soothing color palette.


A quick Entryway Revamp

Modern Bedroom

A modern holiday home bedroom.

Modern Entryway

Smart and aesthetically pleasing solutions to hide DB boxes.

Living Room Neo Classic

A Neo Classic transformation in Pakistan

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